The 412ube

So as the winter weather sets in and you start doing lure inventory, tackle clean up, and tackle organization let me plant a little bug in your ear. There is a new bait that was released by Donald Corbett and the 412 Bait Company as the weather began to wind down. It is his 412ube, and let me tell you if you fish tubes you are going to want to check these things out. 2015 will have some big fish in store for these baits.

I was able to get my hands on some of the first few batches and put them through some testing before the weather and water got so cold that I wanted to hibernate. They come in all the standard colors that he sells and there are two different models: a Texas Style (solid head) that is made with his tournament series formula. That’s what makes the tube so heavy. It comes out weighing 1/4 oz without adding additional weight! The other is hollow and a lighter bait.

After several trips on the water with these tubes there is no doubt in my mind, I won’t be fishing any other type of tube. The action they have in the water and the way the fish responded to them were enough to sell me for good. Not to mention all the great colors that Don offers them in. Both the largemouth and smallmouth bass in my area were very willing to slurp them up after a few bounces and twitches around some cover.

One thing that really stuck out with these tubes compared to others I have used is their durability. I was on the same tube after fishing smallmouth on the New River in West Virginia for a 4 hour float. I landed over 15 fish and still didn’t lose my tube. It was missing maybe three or four strands of the tail and that was it! I haven’t found any other tube on the market like that.

Don makes some amazing products and the 412ube is nothing short of that. I will always stand behind something I believe in and I’m telling you there is a lot in store for these in my tackle box and hopefully yours in 2015. If you haven’t checked 412 Bait Company out do yourself a favor and get on it! I promise you the fish will approve!








Fall Fishing with New Friends

A day on the water is never measured by the amount of fish caught. It’s about learning, laughing, and sharing the water with like minded people. This past weekend I got out for one of those days and a day that I would consider one of my best trips of the year.

Fellow Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member Aaron Stiger and I had been talking about getting together for a float for a few weeks and we finally got to make it happen. He invited me along to join up with him and some of the members of the Kayak Fish Ohio pro staff for a float.

We settled on the city of Columbus, Ohio since it was centrally located for most who would be participating. The destination would be the Scioto River in hopes of some fall smallmouth action.

The morning started early for me as I had a decent drive to get there (roughly two and a half hours) but the anticipation definitely made it feel a lot shorter. I met Aaron and his crew at the put in and they had already arranged the shuttle vehicles so that was a major plus. After a short walk down to the water all the boats were in and ready to go.

It didn’t take long for one of the KFO members to connect with a nice 17 inch smallie on a swim bait. That fish would end up being the big fish of the day. For the rest of the day the action was fairly consistent. It seemed like every pool or pocket of deeper water we floated into had fish. Most of them ranging from 9-13 inches. It just took a little dialing in to find out what they were taking. I threw a KVD 1.0 Squarebill all day and never found the need to change baits as the fish were taking it pretty regularly.

The weather was overcast with a nice steady 5-10mph wind that was enough to make you keep the jacket on. Every once in awhile the sun would peak through the clouds and light up the fall foliage that was in pretty good color along the banks of the river.

After a few miles the float was over and it was time to head home. While we didn’t catch as many as we all would have liked we did catch a few. The most important part though was getting to meet the KFO gang and them welcoming me with open arms. What a great group of folks and I can’t wait to share the water with them again. If you are ever in Ohio look up the group and perhaps you’ll get to fish a tournament or share the water with them.

It was also nice to finally put a name and a face with fellow team member Aaron. He is a heck of a good dude and somebody I hope to share the water with much more frequently in the coming months and years. The Jackson team is full of good people and that’s what makes me so proud to be a part of such an awesome group. We truly are blessed with some great anglers and a great company that supports us.

Here are some pictures from the day to enjoy!











Until next time you all take care,



I decided this year my goal was to just fish. Fly rod, spin rod, trot line, anything I could use to catch a fish with. I’ve been doing a lot of local bassin’ over the last few months and plan to continue to do so. It has been a nice change and I’ve really enjoyed getting back to my roots of fishing.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and sunny skies of the next few months to really get out there and chase some fins.







Fly Swaps

Winter is a good time to get into fly swaps with other tyers.

I am hosting one and just finished tying flies for another. I just recently got a Regal Revolution vise and wow is all I can say. Rock solid and will tie on it for the rest of my life. Can’t believe it took me this long to make the switch.

I settled on a double deceiver and here are the results:







Winter Reflection

With the snow we recently received I headed to the woods with the dog to escape from everything and do a little soul cleansing and mind clearing.

The dog loves to be out and off her leash. I’m sure she was feeling her case of the winter blues as bad as I was. I felt for her and was glad she was able to get out and stretch her legs for a few good hours in Mother Nature.

I myself needed to get out too. A lot of things have been going on lately and I just needed to clear my head and reflect.

It’s funny how life throws things at you in waves. It’s the calm in between the waves and storms that we need to find comfort and sit back and enjoy more. I think sometimes as humans we take them for granted.

Several things have been the cause of recent hectic times. My dad lost his business to a fire yesterday. It was a total loss and something that was very devastating to our family as that was part of our family income. For those of you who know my dad and know how he is, he thinks he can fix everything. When I got there yesterday to Sandy Creek he looked at me with a solemn face and said Nate it was just to big. I can usually fix anything that comes in my path and this was just to big. It broke my heart because I know how much my father enjoys his work and how passionate and professional he is at doing it.

Luckily our community and friends have been there for support. They have been great and we definitely appreciate everything that’s been done to help. No words will express how thankful we are and how fortunate we are that no one was injured.

Personally I experienced an issue where my character came into question. I hate that this occurred and I hope that the person truly knows that I would never betray his friendship or do anything to jeopardize the friendship that I have with him. He is a standup guy and the type of guy who would give the very shirt off his back to help out others. He is one of the most unselfish people I have ever met and a truly am thankful that we became friends. Besides that his sense of humor is unmatched and I hope that we can share the water and no hard feelings are had. I know I would be crushed if something like that would happen.

Winter is a trying time. Cold weather, frozen water, and very little time outdoors make the winter at times seem unbearable. I hope that everyone else gets through this time and makes it to spring when life begins anew.

I know I’m sure ready for warmer weather and cooperating fish.








Melton Hill Musky

I had the pleasure of fishing with good buddy and owner of WV Musky Outfitters Mike Woelfel this weekend.

We escaped the polar vortex or whatever they are calling it these days to head to Tennessee and chase some musky. With less than ideal conditions because of a front that had moved through and being unfamiliar with the lake we went fish-less.

I managed to raise one big fish (45+) on Saturday and that was the only look or interest we had all weekend. Conditions were tough but it’s always a good time sharing the water with friends.

Plus our last day on the lake the temps managed to make it into the mid 50’s while everyone back here in WV was hoovering in the low 20’s and teens.

It was my first trip of 2014 and while no fish were boated it was definitely a nice start to the year and really got me excited for what 2014 holds in store.

Take care,




Fly Tying

Over the past few years as I have become busier and busier with life, I find myself enjoying fly tying as much as I do the actual fishing part of fly-fishing.

Winter time is when the majority of my tying occurs to restock and refill boxes for the upcoming year. Dreams of warmer weather and tight lines keep me going.

The past few weeks I have been busy at the vise and I figured I’d share a few of my creations with the people who visit my site.

Hope you all enjoy and are staying warm this winter.

I know I say this every year but I hope to keep this blog flowing with a few more post than I did over the last year and actual use it as my place of recording and logging my days on the water.